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Technology Partners

Audit Analytics


Arbutus gives you analytics solutions that best meet the challenging demands you and your team face. It supports a centralised, collaborative environment that is integrated into the desktop for better team sharing and efficiency.


Both technical and non-technical users can easily access, use, and share test results for standard and repeatable analytics, reducing dependency on one person or a small group of experts. Minimise knowledge leakage when employees leave, and provide a helpful, supportive resource for new members. 


Arbutus pride itself in:

  • Performance – From Big Data to simple spreadsheets, Arbutus is optimized to give the fastest performance when processing your analytics.

  • Development – Product development and support that makes Arbutus one of the technology leader for audit analytics.

  • Licensing Options – Flexible, budget friendly licensing options

Powerful features include:

  • Data Integrity + Profiling – Allows you to preserve and verify the integrity of your source data before profiling data

  • Data Analysis – Built-in analytics that are designed to give you insightful results quickly

  • Usability –Analyzer is a technology that is friendly for both individual use and team collaboration.

  • Audit Specific – Unique requirements of auditors covered from self-documenting log file to sample selection and more

  • Multiple data sources – Multiple, disparate data sources into opportunities, not barriers, for audit examination

  • Data Access – Access all of your data regardless of where or how it is stored

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

onspring logo.png

Onspring is a no-code platform of choice, offering a suite of solutions such as:

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance Management

  • Internal Audit Management

  • Vendor & Contract Management

  • IT Service Management

  • Business Continuity and Recovery Management

It allows you tolerate broad issues as well as granular tasks easily in one comprehensive platform, which helps customers focus on accountability, decision-making, protocols and adherence for greater efficiency and smarter results that really matters. 

Included on this Platform: 

  • Risk Management – Anticipate risks, plan for potential threats & drive mitigation responsibilities back into the organization.

  • Controls and Compliance – save time, money and paper when you transform complex compliance procedures into digital adherence.

  • Policy Management – altering policies, relating and evaluating, monitoring exceptions, change requests and attestations

  • Internal Audit – uncover the details behind the data and you will stop issues before that happens

  • Business Continuity – build for business resilience with consolidated crisis plans that optimise decisions and responses

  • Incident management – identify who is affected where why and when it happened and how to resolve incidents across your enterprise

Business Intelligence


Dundas BI is data analytics, powerful visualisation, reports and dashboard software. With a combination of a self-service, single experience on one open platform, Dundas BI provides an enterprise-ready, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation solution for all users.


Easily access cross-organisation data and information without heavy reliance on internal IT team.

Powerful Visualization

Smart design experience for dashboards and reports. Connect and real-time visualization with API integration. Transform data into actionable Insights.

Customisable Dashboard

A personalized dashboard allows you to view all of your data in one place.  In a customisable dashboard, user can set up only what is relevant and prioritise important KPIs and information, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.

Single Experience

Access data anywhere, anytime on any device. Easily connect and access your data through uniform Single Experience across all data sources.

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