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We provide an array of services to help you successfully deploy and maintain products and business solutions. Our team is dedicated to  provide Technical Support, Training and Consulting Services, our goal is to ensure that you effectively utilize all the technical power and business advantages of our solutions and products.

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Online Learning




Consulting Services

Our consulting team assists our customers to achieve their analytics objectives to maximise the use of technology. We provide custom scripts development that helps to achieve fast results. By applying our simple and practical approach, customers are able to quickly and proactively to Identify, Assess, Manage and Monitor & Report on their risks. Our services includes:

  • Implementation and Monitoring of Controls

  • Information Security Management

  • Managed Services

  • Data cleansing and migration services​​

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Our Disaster Recovery Consulting Services ensures your DR plan works without a hitch. You can test, assess and make modifications to your current plan according to adivce given by our experts, thereby ensuring that your business can be up and running in the wake of unforeseen circumstance.

Backup Replication, Recovery and Failover Services

Our team of IT experts provides extensive knowledge and experiences of native applications for backup, data replication, and regularly plan and execute disaster recovery drills to mitigate the risk of not being able to recover from a disaster. 

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Connevate offers all level of onsite training, from introductory, foundation, to advance classes, in a hands on environment. We want to ensure our customers get the maximum benefits from our solution.



Foundation Training

This three-day course is a comprehensive introduction designed for novice users who want to learn the fundamentals needed to start using Analyzer. Through this thorough introduction and practice exercises, you will learn how to effectively use the software to accomplish your audit and/or business objectives. We use a modular training approach so that we can tailor the training to address your specific objectives and user’s skillset. We keep the training sessions interactive, so participants will have time to practice what they’ve learned before moving on to the next session.

Customised Advanced Training

This advanced training course is designed to familiarize users with the creation and use of analytics scripts and Functions in order to automate common tasks and to perform more complex analysis. It train a more efficient Analyzer user by automating your analytics and integrating functions into your analysis. The Advanced level training also includes best practices in Visualizations, Designing and Developing Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Dashboards and Reports.

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Connevate E-Learning Service (CES)

Continual learning is a must for today's professionals. To complement our training services, we have developed a Learning Management module for our users that allowing on-demand learning on Arbutus Analytics and Analytics Applications from anywhere and at any time.

Developed by our experienced consultants and trainers, the course materials are specially designed in mini topical series from beginner to advanced level. This supports faster learning and better knowledge retention. Learners can learn at their own pace and convenience, access the tests for self-assessments. Learners can also replay the tutorials and videos to refresh their knowledge.

At the end of each course level, learners are awarded with points, badges and Certificate of Completion. Connevate CES is suitable for all levels of users who are keen to hone their skills in the analytics. 


​Benefits of CES

  • Easier to access and monitor – Reporting, certifications, activity logging

  • More effective – Users can learn at their own pace and convenience, repeatedly for knowledge refreshing too

  • More engaging – Personalised, compatible with microlearning, interactive, boosts morale

  • Less disruptive to business workflows – Learning can take place any time of the day, pause and resume as needed

  • Lifelong learning – Skills gap testing and skills analytics, course suggestions, source catalogue that can cover all topics 

CES key offerings:


  • Course materials – Tutorial Slides, Videos

  • Assessment materials – Tests, Assignments

  • Discussions – By Industry, Area of Interests, Trending Topics

  • Events – Instructor-led sessions on Best Practices, Users Sharing

  • Certificate of completion

  • Progress and achievements report

  • Interaction with instructor

  • Learn while on the go – Assess course materials via mobile

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