Who is Connevate?

We pride ourselves being the consulting and solutions provider to provide robust solutions to Business Assurance, Financial Management and Performance Management to financial executives, fraud investigators, risk managers, business analysts, audit professionals and IT team.

Our  goal is to provide the tools that strengthen not just entire organisations, but also to each individuals, so they can achieve and create huge value to wherever they are at.


Being innovative does not only mean inventing. 


Innovation means adjusting the way we work and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services, and provide business assurance to stakeholders. Innovation is the catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you and your company to grow in the marketplace.


How do we help you achieve that?

Connevate focus on building solutions to

  • Helping you to build credibility with your stakeholders.

  • More insight with less effort and more coverage, and greater likelihood of turning your insights into practical actions.

  • Sustainability and agility – an IA function which can keep pace with your changing business.

We can help you gather data to gain more comprehensive, in depth knowledge and understanding of patterns and trends, and predicting business performance in order to continue to innovate, and provide business assurance. We help you build your ability to move to leading indicators of risk rather than lagging.
At Connevate, we help you to CONNECT all these information together, to make the strategic decisions to comply with regulatory policies, to sustain the business, and importantly to INNOVATE the business.


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