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Arthur Leong joins Connevate Team as Principal Consultant

Connevate is pleased to announce that Arthur Leong, a seasoned industry leader with 15 years of experience, has joined their team as Principal Consultant. Arthur has helped numerous internal audit teams modernize and automate audit processes throughout his career. In his prior role as lead with Wolters Kluwer, he guided the operations and growth of Teammate solutions in the Asia region for almost a decade. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he will be responsible for further enhancing Connevate’s Audit Management Solutions & Services, along with helping customers automate their GRC processes and achieve success.

Derrick Wong, Managing Director / Founder of Connevate, commented, “Arthur's expertise in the industry makes him a great addition to our team. We are excited to have talented and dedicated employees join the team and step into leadership roles within the organization. The appointment of Arthur as our lead for consulting for the SEA region, shows Connevate's commitment to ensuring our customers’ success. I am confident that Arthur will continue the high standards of service and support that have been the cornerstone of Connevate's successes. It will be a pleasure to work closely with Arthur to continue the growth and success of this organisation”.


It is with great pleasure that I take up this new position in Connevate while we are all recovering from the economic and social challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tragedy of this pandemic can be used as an opportunity to build sustained productivity-driven economic growth and recovery,” Arthur stated.

As a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, internal auditors are more aware than ever to continue working from home, or wherever they may be, and not just at their offices, in order to stay connected with their colleagues. Internal auditors need to remain productive, and without the proper tools and infrastructure to support them, it is almost impossible to remain relevant. Prior to the pandemic, IA departments who had invested in an Audit Management System (AMS) would have been able to stay productive and have their staff work remotely without suffering a significant loss of productivity. Internal auditors, especially the management staff, are not able to stay on top of things without a proper system to document and monitor audit activities remotely.


There are now many available solutions in the market which do not cost a fortune, and yet produce the same or even better results than any of those expensive ones in the market. Auditors need to have access to world-class software that can streamline all the auditing processes necessary. It is imperative that auditors should automate their audit processes, now more than ever, in this "post-pandemic" era.


With my vast experience and knowledge of having implemented audit automation solutions for more than 12 years to customers throughout Asia, I am confident that I can be a valuable resource for auditors who need quality assistance in this region to establish a system that fulfils their vision in order to meet the highest quality standards for their audits. Having the opportunity to assist our customers with their implementation and to train them on how to use the product they have invested in properly and to its full potential would be my pleasure and motivation.


About Connevate

Connevate is a leading solutions provider, providing innovative consulting services on Risk, Assurance, Compliance, Internal Control Management and data analytics solutions since 2017.


With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, we assist our clients in evolving and transforming their processes and organisation in this increasingly data-intensive and complex governance, risk and compliance landscapes. To learn more, visit

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