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CONNECT to your information, 

INNOVATE your business

With our firm legacy in data analytics and data-driven solutions, Connevate has been at the forefront of providing innovative consulting services on Risk, Assurance, Compliance, Internal Control Management and data analytics solutions.


We assist our clients in evolving and transforming their processes and organisation in this increasingly data-intensive and complex governance, risk and compliance landscapes.

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Your Business Deserves More

Our consulting services are focused on optimising and transforming your internal processes and user-experience of our solutions, which have been developed with the aim to help organisations and individuals in every stage of their analytics development.


You deserve to work with trusted hands

As a team of experienced practitioners and consultants, who have experienced in across different industries, we will help you to deliver results and provide you with the edge to stay ahead of the challenges in the business. 

Create successful outcomes

We like to act as a bridge that connects your passion for your work with a blend of top vetted experts and data-driven audit solution, to deliver successful results.